Implement Quality Management

Our softeware ensure that you fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001

Culture with focus on quality

Our software helps you and your company to handle the requirements in the ISO standard Quality Management states.
Futher more our software inspire and engage employees at all level to create Continual improvement.


Quality processes

Our system makes it easy to document your processes, which set the quality standards for your business.

Non Conformance

Internal & external

Our NCR modul makes it easy to handle quality issues and make sure that you focus on Corrective and preventive actions.

Quality data

Dashboard and API

Our dashboard gives you and your management an efficient quality reporting. 
If you prefer to use PowerBi, no problem you just use our API integration. 

Key focus within ISO9001

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Our software gives you the best foundation for implementation.


As a company you will focus on how your customer percept quality. How to implement that knowledge in your product or service.​


Status que will be challenged and your processes will be more efficiency because of the multiple feedback loop which will be established. which will make your organization more datadriven.


A management system will help keeping your quality process in control. This will make your company scaleable whithout losing control of your processes costs.

Strengthen your business with a

Management system

When you implement a Quality managament system you show the stakeholders that you take your customer demands seriusly. 
You also show the abillity to make continues improvements, which makes your company more attractive as a supplier.

Scope, Policies, Objectives and documentation
Performance and improvement

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